Launch of Loddon Valley Official Visitor Guide

Published on 06 April 2017

Loddon Shire Mayor Cr Neil Beattie will launch the new Loddon Valley Official Visitor Guide on Tuesday 11 April at Inglewood Town Hall.

The 54-page guide takes travellers on adventurous journeys along the three major routes which cross the Shire – the Loddon Valley, Calder and Wimmera Highways.

In each case, it points to distinctive characteristics of the towns and settlements encountered, surprising tales from history, enchanting natural features, “must-see” attractions, thriving local businesses and great places to eat and drink.

A bright new section this year focuses on aspects of the area which may be news to visitors who think they’ve already seen it all.

“Undiscovered Villages” looks at the Loddon Valley’s little-known gold rush-era towns, offering a window into the past and a remarkable range of antiques, curios, books, hand-crafted furniture and artworks.

“Untouched Wilderness” touches on the area’s riches in wildflowers, ancient forests, granite hilltops and colourful birdlife.

“Water, Rivers and Wetlands” invites travellers to enjoy swimming, canoeing, fishing, birdwatching or water-skiing on the district’s lakes and wetlands, while “Gold” celebrates the region’s fabulous history of prospecting.

“Local Produce and Sustainable Living” highlights the skills of Loddon’s award-winning primary producers and the birth locally of the nation’s unique eucalyptus oil industry.

Copies of the Visitor Guide will be available after the launch at the Loddon Visitor Information Centre in Wedderburn, or telephone (03) 5494 3489.

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