2019 Anzac Day services held in Loddon Shire.

Time  Location  Town Organiser or RSL contact



March from Soldiers Memorial (next to post office)

Wreath laying ceremony

Memorial Hall, service



Paul Haw, President
0417 333 171


   6.00am Bridgewater Memorial Hall Bridgewater Peter Barker
0488 671 875



Additional Service at Inglewood District Health Hostel

March from RSL to Soldiers Memorial

Service held at Soldiers Memorial



Bill Concol
0418 407 590


   9.00am March from Korong Vale Hall Korong Vale Gary Evans, President
0448 115 312 
 10.30am Calivil Hall Calivil Ian Anderson, President
0427 843 471
 10.45am Memorial Hall  Pyramid Hill Ron Peacock
0439 943 975




Dawn service, Soldiers Memorial Park (followed by breakfast at RSL)

March from RSL

Service, Soldiers' Memorial Park 

Wedderburn Gary Evans, President
0448 115 312 
   8.00am Memorial, Joneses Lane followed by BBQ (BYO chairs) Mologa

Bill Boyd
5436 5275

 10.00am Public Hall Newbridge

Julie Ramsay
5438 7281