Kindergarten (previously known as Preschool) is an important first step for children into the wider social and educational world. The State Government provides a subsidy for children to attend 4 year old kindergarten the year prior to starting primary school.

Kindergarten is an important year for every child, it is the foundation stone, upon which formal education will later rest. The kindergarten year occurs at a time when children have achieved a level of mastery in language, co-ordination and social skills along with thinking and logical reasoning. It is the perfect timing for exploration, and investigation, and the learning of life skills through trial and error.

Kindergarten helps to prepare children for life in the everyday world, by encouraging the development of, listening to one another, speaking, allowing others to speak and share ideas, respect for one another and the world around them, turn taking, patience, seeing themselves as one of a larger group, curiosity, and a love of learning and finding out.

Loddon Shire Council's aim at kindergarten is for children to learn about themselves, who they are and what they can achieve, and to like the individual that they are. Kindergarten encourages self confidence, self reliance and resourcefulness through play and gives children the skills and processes to cope with and solve situations that occur at home or later at school.

Kindergarten is a special year that gives children the opportunity to just 'be', to think of ideas, try them out, and discover feelings of self satisfaction and the joy of success.


Council manages the enrolment process for all kindergartens in the Shire.

Enrolments open on the first business day after July 1 and close on the last business day prior to August 31 each year. Enrolment forms are available during this time from:

  • Council’s website
  • local Kindergartens
  • Loddon Maternal & Child Health Service
  • Council offices – Wedderburn and Serpentine.

Enrolments will be accepted at any time, applications received after the closing date will be considered, once all other applicants have been offered a place, in line with the priority of access criteria of the kindergarten.

For further information regarding the enrolment process for 3 or 4 year old kindergarten, please contact Council’s Early Years team on (03) 5494 1201.

4 year old programs

Children must turn four before 30 April in the year in which they will attend, to be eligible for funded four year old kindergarten.

To enrol your child, please:

  • complete enrolment form
  • provide copy of proof of birth (e.g. child’s birth certificate)
  • provide a copy of your child’s 3.5 year health assessment once completed by your maternal and child health nurse
  • provide a copy of your child's immunisation status certificate from the Australian Immunisation Register.
Centre Days
Boort Tuesday
8:45am - 1:45pm
Dingee Monday
8:45am - 1:45pm
8:45am - 1:45pm
Pyramid Hill
8:45am - 1:45pm
8:45am - 1:45pm

3 year old programs

Three year old kindergarten programs provide exciting and challenging experiences for children aged from three years of age. Children must be 3 years of age on or before 30 April the year they are to attend, and may only attend once they have turned three.

It’s important to understand that 3 year old kinder programs do not attract a State government subsidy and are therefore paid for by parents.

In Loddon Shire our Kindergartens operate a 3 year old program incorporated into the 4 year old kinder program.

You may choose to send your child for a full year or part year depending on programs offered.

The 3 year old programs that will be offered each year are determined following the closing of the enrolment period.

If you are interested in your child attending 3 year old kindergarten please complete an enrolment form.

Centre Day Hours
Cost Per Term
Boort Tuesday 8:45am - 1:45pm $300
Dingee Monday 9:00am - 1:45pm $300
Inglewood Thursday 8:45am - 1.45pm $300
Pyramid Hill Tuesday 8:45am - 1:45pm $300
Wedderburn Wednesday 8:45am - 1.45pm $300

Deferring kindergarten for your child

Why would I defer my child's kindergarten entry?

Kindergarten is an important year, one in which we want children to develop to their full potential. Parents may consider it preferable to have their child start kindergarten (and school) at an older age when their child is more socially and emotionally developed and able to cope with different or challenging circumstances more readily.

By deferring, children are given an extra year to naturally develop their skills and abilities and build the maturity expected for primary school entry. It is a parent's decision as to whether or not they choose to defer their child's funded year of kindergarten.

Who can defer?

The State Government Department of Education and Training (DET) expects children to commence school when they are six years of age; therefore those children born between January and April have the choice of deferment.

For those children born May to December, a letter requesting delayed enrolment to school must be sent to the Department of Education and Training.

Who can I talk to about deferment?

If you are considering deferring your child’s enrolment but are unsure and would like someone to talk to, you’re welcome to make an appointment to meet with the teacher in your closest kindergarten to discuss your individual circumstances.


Council operates all five kindergartens in the Shire.

You are welcome to arrange a visit to your nearest kindergarten and meet with the staff. Please contact the kindergarten to arrange a suitable time with the staff.

Centre Name Address Phone
Boort Preschool Godfrey Street,
Boort VIC 3537

(03) 5455 2292

0498 707 799

Dingee Preschool 785 Dingee Road
Dingee VIC 3571

(03) 5436 8401

0498 606 345

Inglewood Kindergarten 75A Grant Street
Inglewood VIC 3517

(03) 5438 3533

0498 505 277

Pyramid Hill Preschool 67 Kelly Street
Pyramid Hill VIC 3575

(03) 5455 7230

0498 606 023

Wedderburn Kindergarten 77 Ridge Street
Wedderburn VIC 3518

(03) 5494 3183

0498 707 005

Boort Preschool

The Boort Preschool is a "children's garden" where children have the time, space and opportunity to play, learn and thrive. It is a welcoming, safe, challenging and evolving kindergarten centre.

Boort Preschool staff are caring, approachable and professional. They view each child as a unique individual.

The centre itself has ample space for play and learning.  It has a large interactive outside play space and garden, and a light indoor area with a variety of resources for both children and staff to use, including a large children’s’ library.

The Boort Preschool operates a play based curriculum which allows for independent choices and the individual development of each child.

Dingee Preschool

Dingee Preschool is a very safe, stimulating and rewarding centre for your child.

Dingee Preschool staff work closely with children, their families and the local community to plan and organise a play based program that helps each individual child to challenge themselves and strive to reach their full potential. Dingee Preschool’s program also teaches children about sustainability, recycling, healthy eating, growing our own food and being water wise.

Dingee Preschool has a close relationship with East Loddon P-12 College which is located next door to the centre and allows a smooth transition from preschool to primary school. Children have the opportunity to travel with their siblings and friends on the bus to preschool.

Dingee Preschool’s indoor space offers many interesting and challenging areas for the children to explore and express themselves. The outdoor play space offers many shaded areas, natural and synthetic grassed areas, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and a rubberised bike track.

Inglewood Kindergarten

Inglewood Kindergarten is a vibrant caring centre that prides itself on its positive partnership between parents, children and staff.

The kindergarten provides a happy and friendly environment in which the children can freely express their ideas, develop independence and have new learning experiences. Through observation, questioning and listening staff get to know and understand each and every child in the group.

They use this information to plan for and implement specific learning experiences that will most benefit the child.

The Inglewood Kindergarten provides an enthralling, safe centre for play and activity both indoors and out.

To children, play is a spontaneous expression which develops their social, emotional and problem solving skills, Inglewood Kindergarten provides children with the opportunity to play.

Pyramid Hill Preschool

The Pyramid Hill Preschool is a place where children develop and learn.  Children are treated as individuals and individual differences and interests are encouraged.

The experienced and friendly staff will encourage and support children so they can become independent and capable learners who will experience success and enjoyment from their preschool experience.

The Pyramid Hill Preschool has an exciting outdoor space, and provides a play based program to stimulate the children’s intellectual, physical, social and creative abilities.

Parents and families are encouraged to be involved in the preschool program and the staff work with families to ensure the best outcome for each child’s learning and development.

Wedderburn Kindergarten

The Wedderburn Kindergarten is a creative centre for enthusiastic learners.

The children who attend are explorers who are guided on their journey toward the goals of; self-confidence, independence, positive attitudes, curiosity and healthy habits.

The staff plan and organise all curriculum around the child and the child's world, to encourage active and innovative learning.

The Wedderburn Kindergarten has a sizeable and interesting indoor space which lends itself well to many different learning stations and spaces full of learning opportunities.

The outside play space is very generous, amongst its many features are a large beautiful shade tree, exciting play frames and a path ideal for active bodies to race around.

Wedderburn Kindergarten is a proud and friendly centre which allows children to learn through doing, playing and experiencing, this gives them the skills and confidence to trust and be confident members of their own environments.