A policy is a set of principles that define what Loddon Shire Council will do and why. It can:

  • translate values into the way we operate
  • achieve compliance with our responsibilities and legal obligations
  • help achieve the Council Plan and other strategic documents
  • help manage risk

Policies are either Council or organisational:

  • Council Policies relate to our customers and community, and include planning policies. Council Policies will influence and guide what services are provided and consequently how Council is perceived by our community.
  • Organisational Policies relate to the internal business of the Council (around matters such as corporate services or governance). Organisational Policies will have a direct effect on our staff but will not have specific relevance to our customers.

Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy(PDF, 100KB)

Asset Management Policy(PDF, 67KB)

Asset Naming Policy(PDF, 54KB)

Building Control Policy(PDF, 175KB)

Business Continuity Management Policy(PDF, 96KB)

Child Safe Standards Reporting Policy(PDF, 62KB)

Community Engagement Policy(PDF, 124KB)

Community Support Policy(PDF, 59KB)

Complaints Against Councillors Policy(PDF, 27KB)

Compliance Policy(PDF, 43KB)

Compliant Contractor Guidelines(PDF, 341KB)

Council Advocacy Policy(PDF, 85KB)

Councillors Support and Reimbursement of Expenses Policy(PDF, 36KB)

Delivery of Funded Community Care Services Policy(PDF, 113KB)

Disposal of Council Assets Policy(PDF, 98KB)

Election of Mayor Policy(PDF, 77KB)

Election Period Policy(PDF, 132KB)

Enforcement of Local Laws Policy(PDF, 55KB)

Financial Reserves Policy(PDF, 301KB)

Financial Hardship Policy(PDF, 292KB)

Inglewood Reservoir Pipeline Water Supply Policy(PDF, 48KB)

Investment Policy(PDF, 93KB)

Kerbside Waste and Recycling Policy(PDF, 180KB)

Long Service Leave Financing Policy(PDF, 79KB)

Major Recreation Reserve: Oval Mower Replacement Assistance Policy(PDF, 46KB)

Media and Social Media Policy(PDF, 166KB)

Privacy Policy(PDF, 204KB)

Procurement Policy(PDF, 165KB)

Protected Disclosure Policy(PDF, 114KB)

Provision for Doubtful Debts and Writing Off Bad Debts Policy(PDF, 82KB)

Rateable Properties with Environment Covenants Policy(PDF, 20KB)

Rates Policy(PDF, 360KB)

Related Party Disclosures Policy(PDF, 122KB)

Response to Community Use of Legal and Illegal Drugs Policy(PDF, 29KB)

Revenue and Debt Collection Policy(PDF, 229KB)

Risk Management Policy(PDF, 260KB)

Section 86 Committee of Management Policy(PDF, 150KB)

Small Towns Policy(PDF, 56KB)

Street Stall, Roadside Collection and Door Knock Policy(PDF, 56KB)

Surrender of Land Policy(PDF, 84KB)

Tree Clearing and Planting on Road Reserves Policy(PDF, 61KB)

Volunteer Policy(PDF, 99KB)

Water Trading Policy(PDF, 92KB)

Welcome to and Acknowledgement of Country Policy(PDF, 30KB)

Working With Children Check Policy(PDF, 51KB)