Local Law No. 5 - Livestock

Livestock Local Law - Amendment No. 3 - 2005

The objectives of this Local law are:

  • to regulate the movement and droving of livestock through and within the municipal district and the grazing of livestock within the municipal district
  • to minimise any damage to road pavements, formations, drainage, vegetation and surrounding areas arising from livestock
  • to minimise the spread of livestock disease and noxious weeds in the municipal district
  • to provide for the welfare of livestock when being driven, grazed or moved
  • to alert other road users to the presence on roads of livestock in the municipal district in the interests of safe use of roads
  • to regulate the adequacy of fencing of livestock
  • to put in place mechanisms for rectifying inadequate fencing
  • to fix fees or charges relating to the impounding of livestock and all other costs incidental thereto and for road use by livestock within the municipal district
  • to enter arrangements with neighbouring councils relating to impounding, collecting trespassing livestock, housing and releasing those livestock
  • to prescribe penalties for contravention of any provisions of this local law
  • to provide generally for the peace, order and good government of the municipal district including in particular the administration of council’s powers and functions

A copy of this Local Law is available to download and may be viewed at the Wedderburn Council office.

Any Acts and/or Regulations which are referenced by this Local Law can be found on the Australasian Legal Information Institute website (see related links)