Building your home

The Building Services unit undertakes the statutory duties of a Municipal Building Surveyor and aims to maintain the standards of amenity, habitation and safety of building work as prescribed by Victorian legislation and regulation.

To achieve this, the unit undertakes the following duties:

  • providing an efficient, timely and quality building surveying service including the issue of building permits and inspection of buildings
  • providing administration, enforcement and compliance with the Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2018
  • providing quality customer service to all clients in assisting with general building work related enquiries 
  • maintaining registers and database records in accordance with the Act and Regulations
  • issuing building and occupancy permits as well as a Certificate of Final Inspection
  • conducting both mandatory and non-mandatory inspections on building projects
  • receive, record and process reports and consent application for variations to the regulations
  • receive, record and process consent applications for demolition works (section 29A Building Act 1993)
  • respond to complaints regarding building safety
  • provide storm water legal point of discharge
  • resolving lapsed/expired building permits
  • provision of property information, relating to flood, property notices and orders and building approval certificates to solicitors, conveyancing agents, developers, builders and owners
  • receiving, recording and filing building permits from private building surveyors
  • providing building information including copies of archived plans and documents
  • provide building regulatory advice including but not limited to building permit application, essential safety measures, swimming pool safety measures, swimming pool safety barriers and fencing and places of public entertainment 
  • receive and administer the security deposits/guarantees that are submitted with applications to re-erect houses
  • receive, Building Permit Applications and obtain building permit numbers from the Victorian Building Authority as part of the process of collecting State Government Levy payments.