Disabled parking permits

A statewide Disabled Persons Parking Scheme currently operates in Victoria. There are two categories of parking permits available.

Under category one (blue label), permit holders are entitled to park a vehicle in a bay reserved for disabled motorists only, or may park a vehicle in any ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time (upon payment of any initial parking fee, if applicable).

Under category two (green label), permit holders who require rest breaks when walking may park a vehicle in any ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time (upon payment of any initial parking fee, if applicable).

How to apply?

Council administers the Disabled Persons Parking Scheme in the Loddon Shire. Permits will only be issued by Council to residents living in Loddon Shire.

Application forms are available from Loddon Shire offices at Wedderburn and Serpentine.  You may also download the form from the Related Information link called 'forms and permit applications' (at top right of this page).

The first part of the application form is completed by you or someone on your behalf.

The remainder of the application should be completed by a specialist medical practitioner; a clinical psychologist for intellectual disabilities and a medical practitioner for all other disabilities. 

Permit renewal

If you have a permanent disability you will be issued with a permit for three years. At the end of this period Council will inform you that your permit is due to expire and will ask you if you require a new permit.  You will not be required to provide a medical certification if the circumstances regarding your disability have not changed.

Temporary permits can be issued for a significant disability that is not likely to improve within six months.  An additional medical certificate must be presented for renewal of the permit.

Organisations providing a transport service for people with disabilities may receive a permit for 12 months only.

Permit replacement

If any permit is lost/stolen/damaged or otherwise deemed unusable, you can complete a Statutory Declaration indicating why the permit needs to be replaced. Council will replace the permit upon receiving the Statutory Declaration.

Permit cancellation

A permit is automatically cancelled after the expiry date and may be cancelled at any time for wilful misuse or breach of the “Conditions of Use”.

Refusal of an application

Where an application is refused, Council will give reasons for its decision in writing and reconsider your application if you seek a second opinion from another medical practitioner or clinical psychologist.

Travelling interstate

Permits are recognised elsewhere in Australia. Parking concessions may be different in other States and Territories and you should check the conditions applying to the Disabled Person’s Parking Scheme in the State or Territory you intend to visit.


For further information please contact the Community Care department on (03) 5494 1201.