Loddon Healthy Minds Network

The Loddon Healthy Minds Network was formed in 2007 to actively pursue mental health issues as they related to residents of the entire Loddon Shire. As a very large rural shire, many mental health services available to city and regional residents were not available in Loddon. Many Loddon residents also did not know how to avail themselves of the services that were available in Bendigo and Melbourne. The Network is auspiced by the Loddon Shire Council and therefore has the ability to raise issues at State Government level. Ultimately, it is the Victorian State Government that has responsibility for the availability and type of mental health services in Loddon and beyond.

The Network aims to build  an awareness with the general public, educating people experiencing mental health issues and their carers about services available, advocating on behalf of the whole community to improve mental health support, promoting the Network and its services in the Loddon Shire and developing and nurturing partnerships with other relevant agencies and community groups; In addition to the Network, there are opportunities to form Mental Health Support Groups in the Shire who can  provide information and raise issues concerning mental health in an overall capacity. The Network will then deal with these issues at an appropriate level and seek to have them resolved or acted upon.

For further information please see the Loddon Healthy Minds Network website.