How to live with Diabetes in Loddon


Many people live well with Diabetes, however, if left untreated, or it is not well managed, this can result in serious complications including:

  • heart
  • eye
  • feet
  • kidney
  • nerve damage

You can achieve good health by managing your lifestyle including:

  • exercise
  • healthy eating
  • mental health and wellbeing
  • know your numbers, i.e. blood glucose (blood sugar) levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Please contact your local provider for further information about services in your area.


Boort District Health 5451 5200


Dingee Bush Nursing Centre 5436 8309


Inglewood and Districts Health Service
(Inglewood and Wedderburn sites)

5431 7000

Pyramid Hill

Northern District Community Health

5451 0200

Diabetic sharps containers - collection and disposal

Boort Boort Resource & Information Centre
119 Godfrey Street


Dingee Bush Nursing Centre
21 KingStreet


Inglewood Pharmacy
54 Brooke Street

Pyramid Hill

Amcal Pyramid Hill Prescription Depot
13 Kelly Street


Loddon Shire Council Office
37 Peppercorn Way


Loddon Shire Council Office
41 High Street


For more information about Diabetes please see the following websites:

Diabetes Australia Victoria

Better Health Channel