COVID-19 Community Champions

Some cafes and restaurants across Loddon Shire are looking forward to reopening on 1 June.

Please be aware that restrictions are still in place so they will be operating differently.

We ask that you be patient with our businesses as they adapt and apply the rules to best suit them.


The 5 ways to wellbeing is a fantastic way of embedding positive mental health into your life.

Claire, Active Farmers trainer from Bridgewater tells us more.


Mother's Day might be a little different for many this year, but our little Loddon residents are still going to spoil their mums this Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day.

With all our playgrounds closed, it can be difficult to explain to children why they can't use them. Hear from Vicki, Boort Pre School Teacher, on keeping our children safe. #wereinthistogetherloddon #staysafe #loddoncommunitychampions

Hear from Sarah Byrne, East Loddon Teacher and Bears Lagoon/Serpentine Football/Netball Club committee member, on how she's coping in her new COVID-19 environment.

Ric Raftis RSL Member for Wedderburn / Korong Vale commemorating ANZAC Day 2020