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Garbage/Recycling Collection  Printer Friendly

Queries regarding missed garbage or recycling collections may be directed to Ellwaste Pty Ltd on 5456 2500, any other queries regarding the garbage service and refuse/recycling centre operations may be directed to Council’s reception on 5494 1200.

Stolen Bins
If you have your bin stolen, the owner of the property needs to notify the police and have a police report filled out. Once this report is completed, please forward the police report onto Helen Tonkin, Loddon Shire Council, PO Box 21, Wedderburn 3518. When Helen receives the report, she is then able to order a replacement bin, at no cost to the owner.

Please Note: If no police report is made the owner of the property will be charged for the replacement bin.

Damaged Bins
If a bin is damaged please notify Helen Tonkin (03) 54941200. The bin will then be repaired or replaced.

The Shire only bears the cost of repairs or replacement if the damage was caused by the service truck pickup.

If damage is caused by accident or mistreatment, (eg putting hot ash into it, dragging behind a car, etc) the owner is responsible for bin replacement or repair costs.
Timetable for Weekly Garbage Collection Service
EVERY MONDAY - RUN 1 – Calder Highway, Wedderburn Township, Boort/Wedderburn Road, Korong Vale, Borung, Mysia.

EVERY TUESDAY - RUN 2 – Gredgwin, Barraport, Leaghur, Minmindie, Yando, Durham Ox, Loddon Vale, Mincha, Pyramid Hill, Terrick Terrick, Yarrawalla, Mologa, Mitiamo, Calivil, Dingee, Yallook, Tandarra, Serpentine, Jarklin, Marmal.

EVERY WEDNESDAY - RUN 3 – Kurraca, Fentons Creek, Berrimal, Gowar, Logan, Moliagul, Dunolly, Murhpy’s Creek, McIntyre, Arnold West, Kingower, Arnold, Llanelly, Tarnagulla, Laanecoorie, Eddington, Eastville, Shelbourne, Woodstock West, Newbridge-Woodstock Road, Bendigo-St Arnaud Road, Newbridge, Derby, Leichardt, Bridgewater-Maldon Road.

EVERY THURSDAY - RUN 4 – Barrakee, Buckrabanyule, Wychitella, Mysia Rural, Borung Rural, Korong Vale Rural, Fiery Flat, Powlett Plains, Salisbury West, Inglewood, Bridgewater, Yarraberb, Campbells Forest.

EVERY FRIDAY - RUN 5 - Boort, Boort/Wycheproof Road, Boort/Charlton Road, Marmal.
Timetable for Fortnightly Recycling Collection Service
Your recycling bin will be collected on the same day as your garbage collection, on a fortnightly basis. You are required to place your recycling bin out on the kerb next to your waste bin.


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 Recycling Routes in Loddon Shire

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