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It is estimated that over 8,000 tonnes of fodder conservation plastics are used in Australia each year, which includes silage wrap, bale net, baling twine, silage covers and grain storage tubes.

The disposal of these plastics has long been a problem, with farmers burying or burning it, otherwise it is sent to landfill where councils have been stockpiling it for several years.

It is illegal to burn plastic and is wasting a scarce resource by burning it or putting it into landfill.

PlasBack Logo

Now there is a solution!
Buloke, Gannawarra, Loddon and Swan Hill Shires are participating in a new collection system called Plasback which is replacing the current silage wrap collection program and provides a long term, low cost solution for farmers and councils.

Plasback features a specific liner system that ensures a clean and segregated waste stream.

The liners are clear so that any foreign matter and contamination can be easily detected. By using separate liners, the recycling of silage wr4ap is able to occur in Australia instead of sending ti to China to be processed.

Plasback bins and liners are widely available for various rural merchandise stores across the Central Murray Region. Farmers that purchase Tapex products have access to free bins and liners.

Silage Wrap will be collected for free at the following sites during operating hours:
• Buloke: Charlton, Donald, Birchip,
• Gannawarra: Cohuna, Kerang,
• Loddon: Boort , Dingee, Inglewood, Newbridge, Pyramid Hill, Wedderburn,
• Swan Hill: Swan Hill Landfill
Once the silage wrap has been collected and processed, it is made into products such as posts and decking. The Plasback bins are made from the Silage Wrap product and are an excellent example of the recycled products versatility.

The Silage Wrap recycling process uses less than 30% of the energy required to create new plastics from hydro carbons.

It's Easy - Shake, Roll and Rattle!
• Remember that you need to ensure no contamination is included in the liners, so give it a good shake.
• Roll the film into a tight ball and push into the liner.

• Then it’s a matter of rattling into town to drop it off at your nearest participating transfer station of land fill.

For more information about Plasback, check out www.plasback.com.au or Central Murray Regional Waste Management Group www.cmrwmg.com.au


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