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Local Law No. 2 - Streets and Roads (2010)

Streets and Roads Local Law - Amendment No. 2 - 2010

The principal objectives of this local law are to regulate the use of roads, in particular by:

  • providing for the management of the physical features of the road and adjacent properties in a manner which is consistent with the safety and convenience of people travelling on or using the road; and
  • controlling the use of various types of vehicles for the safety and convenience of road users; and
  • providing for the preservation and protection of the Council's assets from damage which may be caused from extraordinary use of roads; and
  • controlling and regulating secondary activities on roads, including trading, the placing of goods and equipment, repairs to vehicles, parties, festivals, processions, disposal of water on roads; and
  • facilitating free and safe access for people with sight and movement impairment or disabilities.

A copy of this Local Law is available for download and may be viewed at the Wedderburn Council office.

Any Acts and/or Regulations which are referenced by this Local Law can be found on the Australasian Legal Information Institute website (see related links)

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