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Korong Shire rate books

Date Range: 1867; 1869; 1873 - 1877; 1880 - 1885; 1887 - 1920; 1922; 1928 - 1938

Public Record Office Victoria Series No: VPRS 16554/P1 Units 1-59 1867-1938   

Not all Korong Shire Rate Books have survived, and many are in fragile condition. As a result, 26 out of the 59 original volumes that are located at the Public Record Office Victoria are closed to public access, meaning that the original volumes are not able to be viewed or handled in any way. However, digital copies of the closed volumes are available on this website and by contacting the local historical societies. Their details are available through the Community directory

The closed volumes are for the years: 1867, 1869, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1877, 1880, 1881, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1889, 1898, 1901, 1902, 1905, 1906, 1908, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1918 and 1922. 

The early Korong Shire Rate Books were divided into Wedderburn, Inglewood and Kingower Ridings. In 1880 it became North, Central and South Ridings. The Electoral District was Avoca and the Electoral Divisions included Inglewood, Kingower, Moliagul, Jericho and Korong.

Among the many small districts or locations listed are Caledonia Flat, Tarnagulla Road, Inglewood, Bul-a-bul Creek, Bridgewater, Kinypaniel, Kurting, Leicester Reef, Brennanah, Glenalbyn, Kingower, Kurting, Wedderburn etc

The columns in the Korong Rate Book list the following:

  • Surname and christian name of the owner or occupier
  • Description and situation of the rateable property
  • Electoral district and division
  • Gross annual value
  • Full net annual value
  • Amount reduced to on appeal
  • Rates due at the stated pence in the pound
  • Paid
  • Arrears and remarks column.

Trade or occupation is listed for the first time in 1873 and in 1875 the parish name and quite often the allotment number of a property.

Warning: Some of these files are very large.

Korong-Rate-Book-1867.pdf(PDF 17 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen  Korong-Rate-Book-1869.pdf(PDF 19 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1873.pdf(PDF 13 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen Korong-Rate-Book-1874.pdf(PDF 18 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1875.pdf(PDF 33 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen Korong-Rate-Book-1876.pdf(PDF 47 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1877.pdf(PDF 24 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen Korong-Rate-Book-1880.pdf(PDF 51 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1881.pdf(PDF 84 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen Korong-Rate-Book-1882.pdf(PDF 37 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1883.pdf(PDF 77 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen Korong-Rate-Book-1884.pdf(PDF 58 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1885-p1-75.pdf(PDF 32 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1885-p76-onwards.pdf(PDF 30 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1886.pdf(PDF 70 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1887.pdf(PDF 90 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1888.pdf(PDF 101 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen Korong-Rate-Book-1889-p1-105.pdf(PDF 57 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1889-p106-onwards.pdf(PDF 21 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen Korong-Rate-Book-1890.pdf(PDF 63 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1891.pdf(PDF 32 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen Korong-Rate-Book-1892.pdf(PDF 35 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1893.pdf(PDF 33 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen Korong-Rate-Book-1894.pdf(PDF 34 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1895.pdf(PDF 32 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1896.pdf(PDF 58 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1897.pdf(PDF 50 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1898.pdf(PDF 63 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1899.pdf(PDF 56 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen Korong-Rate-Book-1900.pdf(PDF 56 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen 
Korong-Rate-Book-1901.pdf(PDF 37 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1902.pdf(PDF 45 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1903.pdf(PDF 39 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1904.pdf(PDF 34 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1905.pdf(PDF 54 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1906.pdf(PDF 32 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1907.pdf(PDF 32 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1908.pdf(PDF 43 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1909.pdf(PDF 34 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1910.pdf(PDF 32 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Korong-Rate-Book-1910-1911.pdf(PDF 83 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen  Korong-Rate-Book-1911-1912.pdf(PDF 84 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen 
Korong-Rate-Book-1912-1913.pdf(PDF 83 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen  Korong-Rate-Book-1913-1914.pdf(PDF 103 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen 
Korong-Rate-Book-1914-1915.pdf(PDF 94 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen  Korong-Rate-Book-1915-1916.pdf(PDF 61 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen 
Korong-Rate-Book-1917.pdf(PDF 59 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen  Korong-Rate-Book-1918.pdf(PDF 65 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen 
Korong-Rate-Book-1919.pdf(PDF 55 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen  Korong-Rate-Book-1920.pdf(PDF 67 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen 
Korong-Rate-Book-1922.pdf(PDF 92 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen  Korong-Rate-Book-1923-1927.pdf(PDF 3 MB) ReadSpeaker Listen 

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