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Governance information

Loddon Shire Council appreciates and respects the passion and dedication of all Council committee members. The contribution made by volunteers enriches our community, and provides a much broader range of services and activities than Council could provide on its own.

To support our committees and to ensure that they operate as best as they possibly can, Council is developing a number of information sheets to support them in their activities.

The information sheets will cover topics such as good governance, risk management, legal compliance, insurance, etc., and will be made publicly available on this website so that they are readily available and up to date and relevant at all times.

Committees are encouraged to seek information sheets on specific topics that they feel would help them undertake their duties on behalf of their community.

Council Information
PRC-CI01-Council-Contacts(PDF 105 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen
F02-Usage of Public Halls and Facilities(PDF 34 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Good Governance
GG02 Succession planning(PDF 119 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen
GG03 Conflicts of interest(PDF 104 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen
GG04 Meeting requirements, procedures and protocols(PDF 173 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen
GG05 Casual Hire book-procedure how to complete(PDF 299 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen
Legal and compliance
LC01 Local Government Act 1989(PDF 23 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen
LC02 Section 86 committee of management policy(PDF 341 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen
LC03 Legal requirements of section 86 Committees(PDF 149 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen
LC05 Exemption from Primary and Ordinary Returns  (PDF 283 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen       
 Reporting requirements
RP01 General reporting and financial reporting requirements (PDF 107 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen   
 Regulatory  services
 RS01 Understanding food legislation    (PDF 134 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen            
 RS04 Onsite wastewater operations and maintenance(PDF 501 KB) ReadSpeaker Listen

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