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Your home

Buying, building or maintaining your home.

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Building your home

When building your home you will need to consider the land, permits required, if sewage connection is available or septic tank options, owner builder vs builder, and Municipal Building Serveyor duties.

Buying your home

When buying your home there are many things to consider such as finance, solicitors, wills and power of attorneys, local plannign provisions, rural industries in the area, utility availability or non-availability, sewage connection or waste water options, pre-purchase insections, termite and pest inspections, and obtaining building regulation certificates.

Garbage and recycling

Waste and recycling details for Loddon Shire Council

Unsightly or dangerous premises

Information about unsightly or dangerous premises

Your pets

Find information relating to registering your pets and how to be a responsible pet owner.

Your neighbours

Find information on who you should contact if you are experiencing a conflict with your neighbours.

Your property valuation and rates

Information on property valuations and Council rates

Firewood permits

Permits are no longer available to Shire residents for the collection of firewood