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Services for our older residents and people with disabilities

Services provided by the Community Care department.

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Access and inclusion

Council is committed to ensuring equitable access, social inclusion and respect for human rights for all people

Disabled parking permits

Council administers the Disabled Persons Parking Scheme for residents within Loddon Shire. The scheme provides for two permit categories with varying parking concessions, based on the applicants need for assistance.

Group activities

Group activities enable older people to maintain independence by staying socially, mentally and physically active.

Home and Community Care (HACC) services

HACC is a State and Commonwealth Government funded program that provides funding for services to support older people and people with disabilities and their carers. The aim of this program is to provide basic support and assistance to people living at home who are unable to undertake daily tasks and who wish to continue living independently.

Home care

Home carers undertake essential house cleaning of areas regularly used by the client, to maintain a safe and clean home environment assisting them to live independently in their own homes.

Housing for seniors

Council manages a number of properties consisting of 1 or 2 bedroom self-contained units, providing accommodation to older residents.

Meals on wheels

Council’s meals on wheels service deliver a healthy meal to clients on weekdays.

Pension concessions

A State Government concession may apply to rates on the principal place of residence of eligible pensioners.

Personal care

Personal carers assist residents with personal care tasks that they are unable to perform on their own, such as showering and dressing.

Property maintenance

Property maintenance for older people or people with a disability provides assistance with home and garden maintenance to help people maintain a safe, habitable and healthy home environment. This service also provides repairs and modifications to assist people managing disability conditions to move safely about the house.

Respite care

Respite aims to support carers of older people and people with a disability, with a break from their caring responsibilities.

Veterans home care

Veterans Home Care (VHC) is an Australian Government Department of Veterans Affairs program designed to assist veterans and war widows/widowers who wish to continue living independently.