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Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing services include Loddon Healthy Minds Network, diabetic syringe bin program, food and nuisance complaints.

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Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan

The Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (MPHWP) is a key strategic planning tool that aims to maintain and improve public health and wellbeing at a local community level.

Health and nuisance complaints

Health and nuisance complaints can be made to the Environmental Health Department.

Staying healthy in heat

The heatwave alert system notifies registered participants when the Department of Health issue a heatwave alert.

Infectious diseases

The Environmental Health department are responsible for investigating infectious diseases and food poisoning in association with the Department of Health.

Loddon Healthy Minds Network

The Loddon Healthy Minds Network was formed in 2007 to actively pursue mental health issues as they related to residents of the entire Loddon Shire.

Syringe bin program

Loddon Shire Council’s diabetic sharps container exchange program is fully funded by Council. Loddon Shire residents that have diabetes or a medical need to use a sharps container are encouraged to access this service.
How to live with Diabetes in Loddon

How to live with Diabetes in Loddon

Many people live well with Diabetes, however, help and further information can be obtained from local providers in Loddon. A free diabetic syringe container exchange program is available in Loddon.

Drought support

The Australian and Victorian Governments provide a number of assistance measures to support farm families, farm businesses and rural communities to prepare for, manage through and recover from drought and other hardship.

Flood Information

Flood Information

Dairy Support

Support for Dairy Farmers
Victoria Against Violence

Victoria Against Violence

Victoria Against Violence – 16 Days of Activism

Stop Mental Health Stigma

Stop Mental Health Stigma Charter

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission reporting tool

This reporting tool may be a useful additional service that empowers more people to report to the Commission incidents of discrimination or racial or religious vilification. We recognise that the reporting tool will not in itself address the challenge of under-reporting of discrimination, but we hope that it might be one small part of the solution.