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Food complaints

You are encouraged to report food complaints within the Shire to Loddon Shire Council.

Council will investigate your complaint and let you know the result.

Your report helps us make sure that a food safety problem is identified and may prevent it from happening again.

Common complaints

Common complaints are:

  • suspected food poisoning
  • foreign object in a food that should not be there, for example a bug or a piece of wood, metal or plastic
  • food that cannot be eaten because it is unfit for human use, for example food that is mouldy or rotten
  • damaged food containers, for example blown cans
  • packaged foods without proper labelling. This includes best before date, use by dates, nutritional information, and country of origin
  • unclean food businesses, for example dirty food preparation surfaces, uncontained rubbish, rat or mice droppings or cockroaches on the premises, or
  • poor or questionable food handling procedures. Visit the Department of Health's website on hygienic food preparation and handling  to explain what is and is not hygienic.

Food complaints when products are made outside of Loddon Shire

Council can only investigate food complaints for food made or bought in Loddon Shire.

If Council’s investigation shows the food was made at a food business outside Loddon Shire, Council will contact you.

If you agree, Council will pass on the complaint to the relevant council or health authority.

Information required when making a complaint

Food complaints may be made in writing, in person by attending the Wedderburn office, or alternatively by phone. When making a complaint you will need to provide the following:

  1. your name, address and contact phone number
  2. the details of the food safety problem, including:
  • what you ate, bought or saw
  • where: the name and address of the place
  • when: date and time of day you ate or bought food or observed a problem, and
  • any other relevant details, for example a description of the person who served you if the complaint relates to food handling.

Your details are kept confidential. Council will investigate your complaint and provide you with feedback on the outcome.

Food poisoning

If you believe that you are suffering from food poisoning the following advice is provided:

  • Keep any remaining food including packaging; ensure that it is refrigerated below 5oC.
  • If you have symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, request your doctor takes a faecal (poo) sample. Tests on the sample can help show what made you sick and helps investigations into the source of what made you sick.

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