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Under the Local Government Act 1989, Councillors are elected to be the governing body of our municipality.

Our Councillors play a vital leadership role in creating and implementing our community’s vision, strategic direction and the values within which we operate.

Our Councillors guide the development of local policies, set service standards and priorities and monitor the performance of the organisation.

Other responsibilities of Councillors include determining the financial strategy and budget, allocating resources, and liaising with other levels of government.

Our Councillors

 Mayor Cheryl McKinnon – Terrick Ward


Phone: 5455 7252
Mobile: 0409 557 888

First elected: 2012

Re-elected: 2016

Mayor: 2017-

Cheryl McKinnon spent her early years on the family farm at Dingee, then moved to Bendigo before marrying Pyramid Hill farmer, Glenn McKinnon, in 1976.

The couple run an irrigated property producing prime lambs and vealers alongside dryland cropping.

Cr McKinnon worked at Pyramid Hill College for many years, assisting students with disabilities, before starting up Pyramid Hill’s first coffee shop, The Coffee Bank.

Cr McKinnon was first elected to Council in 2012, and was elected Mayor in 2017, and juggles her Council duties with her role as a farmer, mother, and grandmother, and her personal interests of music, art and woodwork.


Represents Council on:

  • North Central Goldfields Regional Library
  • East Loddon Community Centre Committee of Management
  • Pyramid Hill Memorial Hall Committee of Management
  • Pyramid Hill Swimming Pool Committee of Management
  • Serpentine Bowls and Tennis Pavilion and Reserve Committee of Management
  • Nature Tourism Advisory Team
  • Nature Tourism Festival Committee

Cr Neil Beattie – Boort Ward

 Cr Neil Beattie

Mobile: 0427 552 468

First elected: 2005

Re-elected: 2008, 2012 and 2016

Mayor: 2015-2016, 2016-2017 

Neil Beattie, now retired from farming, lives on the edge of Lake Boort, enjoying the scenery.

Cr Beattie is chair of Boort Park, Little Lake Boort Management Committee and the Boort Cereal Growers Co-op, in addition to representing Council on several other committees.


Represents Council on:

  • Korong Vale Mechanics Hall Committee of Management
  • Korong Vale Sports Centre Committee of Management
  • Little Lake Boort Committee of Management
  • Yando Public Hall Committee of Management
  • Murray Darling Association
  • Rail Freight Alliance
  • Boort Aerodrome Committee of Management
  • Boort Tourism Development Committee of Management
  • Boort Memorial Hall Committee of Management
  • Boort Park Committee of Management

Cr Colleen Condliffe – Inglewood Ward

Cr Colleen Condliffe

Phone: 5437 3274

First elected: 2000

Re-elected: 2003, 2005, 2012 and 2016

Colleen Condliffe lives with husband Robert at Salisbury West, running a dryland cropping enterprise and a dairy herd of 200-plus cows.

Among her many community interests, she is a member of the Country Women’s Association, has been active in numerous farming bodies, has completed the Loddon Murray Leadership Program and was the first woman elected to Loddon Shire Council.

Cr Condliffe formed the Landcare group at Salisbury West and organised the 1997 Women on Farms Gathering at Bendigo. In 2005/06, she completed the Australian Rural Leadership Program and in 2009 her name was added to the Victorian Honour Roll for Women.

Mother of two children and a grandmother to seven, Cr Condliffe is a keen tennis player and football follower.

Represents Council on:

  • Bridgewater on Loddon Development Committee of Management
  • Campbells Forest Hall Committee of Management
  • Inglewood Community Sports Centre Committee of Management
  • Inglewood Lions Community Elderly Persons Units Committee of Management
  • Inglewood Town Hall Hub Committee of Management
  • Jones Eucalyptus Distillery Site Committee of Management
  • Calder Highway Improvement Committee
  • Australia Day Committee
  • Healthy Minds Network
  • Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance
  • Central Victoria Rural Women's Network

Cr Geoff Curnow – Tarnagulla Ward

 Cr Geoff Curnow

Phone: 5435 7272
Mobile: 0429 383 553

First elected: 2008

Re-elected: 2012 and 2016

Mayor: 2011-2012, 2012-2013

Geoff Curnow has a family history to be proud of – his Cornish forebears settled in the Laanecoorie district 150 years ago and he is the third generation of his own family to farm the home property since it was taken up in 1914. Educated at Laanecoorie and Maryborough, Cr Curnow returned to the farm while still in his teens and has amassed a wealth of knowledge.

Today, together with wife Merna, he runs a prime lamb enterprise paired with some grain production at Laanecoorie. He is a keen traveller and finds great enjoyment in his contacts with people through his community work.


Represents Council on:

  • Loddon Mallee Waste Resource Recovery Group
  • Municipal Emergency Management Plan Committee
  • Municipal Fire Management Plan Committee
  • Kingower Development and Tourism Committee of Management

  Cr Gavan Holt – Wedderburn Ward

Cr Gavan Holt

Mobile: 0408 943 008

First elected: 2003

Re-elected: 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2016

Mayor: 2005-2007, 2009-2011 and 2013-2015

Gavan Holt is a fifth-generation resident in the Wedderburn district with an extensive family history of local government involvement.

After completing a commerce degree from the University of Melbourne, he taught for 10 years at various secondary schools across Victoria and he is now a businessman with interests in farming, investment and hotels.

Cr Holt has been appointed a Mayor Emeritus by the Municipal Association of Victoria. He is also an alumnus of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government.

He lists his personal interests as politics, international affairs, travel and sport.

Represents Council on:

  • Donaldson Park Committee of Management
  • Municipal Association of Victoria
  • Wedderburn Community Centre Committee of Management
  • Wedderburn Engine Park Committee of Management
  • Wedderburn Mechanics and Literary Institute Hall Committee of Management
  • Wedderburn Tourism Committee of Management
  • Audit Committee
  • Rural Councils Victoria Executive Committee
  • South West Loddon Pipeline Project Steering Committee
  • South West Loddon Pipeline Project Community Consultative Committee


Councillor Code of Conduct

The Councillor Code of Conduct includes the Code of Conduct, councillor behaviours, conflict of interest procedures and dispute resolution procedures.

If you have any queries about the Councillor Code of Conduct, please contact the Loddon Shire Executive Office by calling (03) 5494 1200 or email: loddon@loddon.vic.gov.au

Councillor Support Policy

 Councillor Support and Reimbursement Policy

Under Section 75B of the Local Government Act 1989, Council adopts and maintains a policy for the reimbursement of expenses for councillors and members of council committees.

The policy is consistent with the types of councillor out-of-pocket expenses prescribed by the state government that must be reimbursed.

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